Quick review: A classic site in the family rape niche, ShockAtHome has been catering for the needs of us forced incest sex fans for quite a while. The site has a timeless feel about it, taking us straight to the world where nothing is impossible, where forbidden passion runs free and where taboo things happen no matter what. The free area is filled with shocking stories and picture samples from the siteís rich archive documenting all sorts of sinful incest activities going on behind tight-shut doors of private homes all over the country. Every type of in-house sin is featured here, be it mothers and sons, siblings, grandparents, or anything else you can think of. The brew of the picture samples and the catchy pieces of text work just fine creating an atmosphere of unrestrained desire and fucking which sees no consequences. The combination of forced sex and incest sex relations seems to be working perfectly here. The name of the site suits its nature perfectly. It is shock for someone, and for others itís a revelation of life-long desires and dreams. These daughters and sons could have been virgins before, but now they face the harsh reality of shock at home, something nobody will forget any time soon. Itís useless to protest. The borders have been crossed, and the shock level just keeps growing.

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